Aritra Lodh

3 years ago

Workout at least 5 days a week and don’t forget to engage your core. I was obese when I was in college and like every other overweight girl, I was bullied and called ugly. I took my time and finally decided to make my fats cry. I took small steps and started to make healthy choices. It took me 8 months to lose 7 kgs and then came the worst part, plateau. I tried everything, every possible fad diets, took up weird workout challenges but nothing worked out. It demotivated me. I lost hope and gave up in between. But every time I visited any shopping mall it reminded me of days when I looked at pretty fashionable clothes but that didn’t come with my size. It’s my journey from XL to small. From the brand ALL(plus size brand) to Forever 21. Be consistent and remind yourself the struggles you had to go through to be who you are today or the person you wanna be tomorrow ?? Much love, Aritraa Instagram-Itz_aritraa #creatorshala #fitgirls #fitnessfreak #myjourney

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