Hey Beauties and Hunks, Don't you think you usually tend to overlook your hands? They need care and nourishment too. I'm using Oriflame Sweden Night Time Hand and Nail Balm for a couple of weeks now and it's been really effective. I usually practice on guitar for a long time and that made my hands turn dauntingly unsightly. I began using this balm and... Voila! My hands and nails have got so smooth. I would totally recommend this to every man and woman who loves their hands and care for their body. The best part of this balm is that both men and women can use it. It contains Swedish Heather Flower and Almond Oil, which provides a soothing feeling and nourishes the hands and nails. And it's so cost effective... Ah, I am completely obsessed with it. Waste no more time and give your hands a heavenly moisture. #creator #creatorshala #review #beautyproduct #blogger #skincare #beautyblogger #oriflame #nightbalm

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