#REVIEW_ALERT, Hey there guys! I have been using this SOS Spot gel by Oriflame (Pure Skin Collection) as I have acne prone skin and every other day I get a new acne. And this product is doing miracles people! I would strongly recommend this product. All you have to do is apply this gel on the newly born acne ? or on the boils (on a clean face!) And boom the next day you will clearly see a change, not even kidding! I have experienced it and recommending it to you. It is worth a try! (P.S.: I can't guarantee the results as skin type differs from person to person. I have a Acne-Prone Combination Skin.) It retails for Rs. 229 for 6ml. (On the original website) #reviewday #productreviewer #blogger #creatorshalablogger #pureskin #acnefree #acneproblems

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