'You', Isn't this term misleading? Many of you must have got offended by now. Even some people would bash me out in the comment box. Does this 'you' mean I'm including every person reading this post? Technically, it's a big fat No! There's a thing with the millennials today (including me), we don't understand the context behind a word or statement being used. This is solely because we don't want to. All of us are living in a delusional world full of misconceptions. According to our 'self-made' theory, we can never be wrong. Did anyone notice the details in this picture? It features crime news related to women in this Lockdown period. Now, give it a pause and think what I meant by "you need to stop". 'You' refers to those bunch of people who objectify women. Don't make assumptions based on what you see. Every news headline, tells about women being raped, domestically abused, or cyberbullied in this Lockdown period. Try to research more on the headlines and pass on the information because these monsters need to stop now!❌ #creatorshalablogger #creatorshala #blogger #socialissues #stoptheviolence #stoprapeculture #stopobjectifyingwomen #womenempowerment #women #stopdomesticviolence #standwithwomen #stopcyberbullying #stopabuseagainstwomen #saynotocyberbullying #womanpower #girlpower

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