1 year ago

Have you ever experienced the happiness after helping an unknown person ?? It's the humanity, resting somewhere inside us which triggers when we see a needy and out of that emotion we feel the urge to help them. In these days of pandemic, society has suffered a lot. Sufferers have lost alot. So, I pushed my resting humanity into active state and went to an orphange. There I spent time with those who really need us. For them our time is a reward for which they wait for so eagerly. There I saw differently abled beings and depressed ones, talked to them, shared stories. And the happiness over their innocent faces made the day. The spark in their eyes, joy and happiness really fills you with satisfaction. If you haven't done anything as such, now is the time. Spend some time with those who really understand the importance of your time and value your presence. Trigger your Humanity. Kar k dekho, achha lagta hai!!! #goodtimes #socialwork #indianblogger