Three waste days in my past few months in Rajhoon, Nagrota Bagwan Kangra. Watch my vlog 64 here PS: Vlogs and posts are scheduled & managed by my manager. Going through tough times. Will talk about this soon. Please take care of yourself first. My current goal of publishing these vlogs is to make people consume consume content that is free from all the depressing news and all negative posts about current scenarios and charge the peoples mindset who are isolated locked inside the rooms. I just wanted to say that people who are affected and locked inside the room they must consume content that is free from news of politics government covid19 etc that will later affect them more. I'm not saying consume my content it's just I wanna play with the recommendation system for you all. If you look through my vlogs then you'll be recommended more vlogs and fun things which will ultimately make your browsing/search page on any social media different and free from different stress news. It's important to get latest updates but I recommend reading the updates rather than consuming in video format. I'll soon explain things on my Instagram stories or an igtv to let you know more about this and how you can overcome all these situations. I'm going through tough times in my family too. Still I'll try to help people who are facing tough times won't feel the worse case. I'm having a great knowledge regarding all the stuff on internet and how it all works I think it's the right time to help out people how to use it wisely. Will update you soon. Take care everyone. ✌🏻 Stay Home Stay Safe #staysafestayhome #YouTube #YouTuber #vlogger #vlogs #blogging #blogs #videos #youtubechannel #lifestyleblogger #vloggerlife #youtubevideo #influencer #creatorshala #creator #instagram #blogging #blogger #lifestyle #fashion #blogs #public #socialmedia #entrepreneur