MEDITATION HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE Right from the starting I always knew the power of meditation. Once there was this phase in my life when I was unable to sleep at nights. It was like I was laying on my bed, not using phones, no thoughts , just laying. Condition got worse when I couldn’t sleep at day time also. Then I thought of doing meditation by my own but nothing worked because you need consistency to get results. Trust me, it is not as easy as one thinks. If you have control over yourself, you can learn meditating easily. But for me it was not easy. I needed a trainer. Then finally on recommendations I joined Happiness program of Art of living. I wasn’t a big fan of AOL but gradually when I got connected with this course, I started loving it to the core and believe me it was the best decision of my life. Our coach taught Pranayamas and Sudarshana kriya (Heart of Art of living) The day I have practiced , I could literally sleep that night and every night after then. Many changes I’ve seen in myself the way I talk, the way I see things and my thoughts. I’ve started appreciating myself.The quality of life has improved. Back then, ending my life seemed like the only way out but today I want to wake up everyday and live. And that in itself is a victory. I will highly recommend you to join at least for once. I bet you will not regret.I swear it is not a paid promotion thing. Thank you for reading. PS- It is taken from https://www.thementalpeace.com/post/how-has-meditation-changed-my-life thementalpeace.com #Artofliving #MEDITATION #positivity #goodsleep #mentalhealth

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