"FAKE" "Why are you still alive?" "You are so ugly" "Weirdo" "Pig" "Ew" "No one likes you" when people post such mean, hurtful, embarrassing messages or comments on social media it is called cyberbullying. I'm sure you all must have heard about cyberbullying. Why do people post such negative comments or messages on social media? Just because everyone's thoughts are different about a particular thing or particular content, or jealousy, personal grudges, hate etc. Have you ever thought your one negative message or your one negative comment can cause a negative impact on that person? cyberbullying is not good for one's mental health. Those offensive messages never go away, the scars remain on cyberbullies. Millions of people suffer from this every single day they get low self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts etc It makes them feel alone, mad, silly, embarrassed, lonely worried, tired, sick, angry, not safe, fed up, stuck, nervous, confused, scared, sad. They have to deal with negative people while they are fighting with their own life. Before leaving negative comments in someone's comment section, before leaving a negative message in someone's DM or on someone's wall, Before spreading the rumours, before spreading negativity in any form on social media we need to ask ourself what if someone does the same to me? how will the person feel after reading this? Why spread negative when you can spread love and kindness and make it a better and a safe place for everyone. It takes only one click to ruin someone's life. Think before you post. Don't be mean behind the screen. Be kind. It isn't big to make others feel small. Stop Cyberbullying? To all the pretty souls out there much love to you all.? You're beautiful.? You're strong.? Keep Going.? Xoxo.♥️ If you agree just leave a heart.❤️ - Darshana Ravindra Surwade #cyberbullying #bullying #stopbullying #bullyingawareness #antibullying #love #nobullying #cybersecurity #bullyinghurts #socialmedia #onlinesafety #bully #bullyingprevention #mentalhealth #standuptobullies #internetsafety #bullyingsucks #thebullyexposed #bhfyp #blogsbydarshana #bullyexposed #safefamilyprograms #childabuseawareness

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