Neelesh Soni

4 years ago

Few days ago I was in BHOPAL (M.P) A City of lakes. I found BHOPAL is one of the best places for vacations.And this trip is not expensive also. This place is combination of beauty, Nature, history, peace,sacred, pollution free, culture etc. It's also known as night city because you can get stuck in traffic by late night due to attractive lines of food shops. It runs whole night ( chatori gali ?,poha ?, sulemani chai ☕ and many more) If you want see real beauty of this place so must do night out here once. If you are interested in historical places so you can visit ? 1. Taj-ul-masjid 2. Gohar mahal 3. Shaukat mahal 4. Moti masjid 5. Raisen fort 6. Rani kamapati palace 7. Sadar manzil 8. Bhimbetka If you are like natural place ? 1. Upper Lake 2. Van vihar 3. Kerwa,kaliyasot and halali dam 4. Sair sapata 5. Madhai 6. Bori wildlife sanctuary If you like art and culture ? 1. Bharat and Ravindra bhawan 2. Tribal museum 3. Manav sangrahalaya 4. Archeological museum 5. Birla museum If you interested in sacred zone ? 1. Birla Mandir 2. Bhojpur 3. Sanchi stupa 4. Moti masjid 5. Jain temple 6. Iskcon 7. Sehore temple #bhopal #cityoflakes #beautyofbhopal #naturelove #lakes #sacred #peace #love #culture #bhopalichai

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