Aditi Goud

3 years ago

To me, if you'll ask, If I'm okay I'll nod my head aside hiding my tears beneath I'll just roll my eyes. "I'm fine" would be a constant reply and to none I'm ever gonna rely, I'll be honest to thee, but I waited for a call from thy; You see it's hard for me to choose a side between mine and you And if it's you there, I already lost me. I was an empath maybe I still am, but I'm gonna cage that me away; for each person I meet is an apath, even you turned out to be one of them you broke my walls and ... Honey I thought you did it for me, but you did it for yourself just to find a place as cozy as my heart so you could stay for a while and whenever the "forever" would knock you'll too just run away. So tonight I'm gonna drag you out with my own hands, you'll be barefoot and all astounded to see me as a devil that you thought never existed. But My Darling, you're the only one who told me we all keep monsters within. -Aditi Goud #creatorshala #blog #poetry #poem #aditigoud #lifestyle #literature #english #writer #writing #blogging #blogger #typerwriter #photography

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