So far my result of #Fermentedricewater. *What is fermented rice water ? - It is made from soaking rice into water until the water turn soar . ( No I don't taste it . I smell it . It smell different ). * How is fermented rice water made ? - I researched alot on google before starting the process on my hair . Basically you soak half glass of rice into nearly one glass of water . (You can increase the quantity if you have long hair ). << Before soaking wash them nicely you don't want any dirt in your hair >>. Let it soak into water for 12 to 24hrs so that water becomes sour . It does have slight smell to it . So if you want you can add some type of essential oil ( Which is made for hair ) . I do not add as I don't mind the smell as it goes away after wash . *How to use ? - Wash your hair as you normally do with shampoo ( and conditioner if you use ). Then pour the rice water on your hair slowly or use spray bottle to spray it evenly on your hair and massage it for 10 to 15 into your roots and then wash it with plain water . *My Results: - I am using it since one month once a week . I did not see any drastic change in growth or length of my hair . But my hairfall has decreased alot and my hair does not look dull anymore. I will still continue using it and keep you guys updated. Oh and I forgot to mention I use to apply and massage my hair with mixture of 3 oils ( If you want to know the oils let me know i will post it on my story ) So that is my experience so far . Not disappointed as I know these things do take time . So i will keep using it . #haircare #haircaretips #haircareroutine #fermentation #fermentedrice #fermentedricewaterrinse #beautyblog #beautyreview #haircarereview #shareabdtagme #creatorshala #creatorsofinstagram #beingmom

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