A place that's often referred to it's picturesque landscape and one that never ceases to amaze me, Kerala is also my birth place. A reason why it's otherwise remarked as God's own Country! There's just a simple sense of joy that fills my heart when I'm here in Kerala and over the years, I've learnt that almost everyone I've ever known from this place feels the same. With a majority of time spent around childhood, it's always been the culture that has influenced me in so many ways as I've aged. A great deal of this has been a good enough reason to have accustomed to practices and rituals (from a logical, practical, thought inducing and behavioural standpoint) effecting my life and that of others around largely in a positive way. Childhood memories of Onam are ones to cherish, for they helped me understand the importance of getting together (friends and family), to offering prayers and being thankful for peace and prosperity, to celebration that often occured at our place, followed by our visit to the our grandparents (Maternal side), it is these moments that I wish were stuck in time to rewind to, as if we could live all over again just to be in those moments. A thought that struck me when I watched the downpour today was the fact that paper boats were always our props to play in the rain. With a Yam Leaf (pretty broad ones), I would use one as an umbrella to safeguard my paper boat from getting drenched. Cut this to date and I think I've still got it in me. The portrayal is clear replica of what I've been and where I've come. The saree, which is a traditional Kerala set mundu is an aura of our simple yet classic malayali look. What did you guys think? Like and leave your comments below! #godsowncountry #keralalove #setmundu #traditional #stylewithnimisha #stylewithme #fashionbloggers #fashionindia #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #chennaiblogger #keralablogger #kerala #naturephotography #naturelovers #modeling #creator #influencers #portrait#fashionlovers #sareestyle #creatorshalablogger #creatorshala#ootd#ootdfashion #ootdinspiration #nostalgia #childhood #childhoodmemories #grandparents

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