Aditi Goud

3 years ago

"Tum hi ho ho" lyrics just dropped in earphones and you clearly know what Arijit's voice do to me. Well, this song just hit my brain with the memories of all the rains we bathed in together. ( accidentally + intentionally both.) I still clearly remember one of them. The day you bent your head down over mine //I love your height in this kind of situations, but it literally annoys me at the times when I have to stand over my toes to kiss you// placing your hands on each side of me , covering me, and sheltering me entirely with the truck behind my back. This happened just after our argument but in that very moment I knew that no amount of fights can ever ruin what we have between us (the immense love we share.). The next song in the list was "Hamdard", I was wondering which memory of us will I portray now. "Me and my friends love the party. Great song after great song.... " *Spotify ad!* As soon as I heard this, it felt as someone just wiped a hand over the smiley I made using my finger over a glass window which was covered with soft frost. //Mood ruined// Let it be this much now. Well, Christmas is just a month away, and if you are wondering what to gift me. Let me help you out. You can come over, and make the most of winters, with the snowfall of kisses and coziness of hugs, with hot chocolate cups and tons of smooches, with big warm blankets and Disney movies, and a lot more. PS- you can also stay until the next frost forms over that window. ~Aditi #creatorshala #blog #blogging #writing #letter #photography #lifestyle #fashion #influencer #travel #writer #art #artist #love #spotify

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