Afzal Imam

4 years ago

When Bengali Macchi when to a foreign country for a makeover. Farzi Cafe is a restaurant, that has taken the Indian cuisines to global standards with a modern presentation which includes molecular gastronomy that fascinates the diners a lot. More about the presentation the standard has been by them even on the taste too which still reminds the authenticity of the dish. This year starting I planned to visit Farzi café and there and I have tried this dish Sarso Olive Macchi with Mint Pesto sauce and it was mind blowing dish love the sarso olive macchi marination it damn good you the mustard flavor is strong and sharp with one good amount of bite will hit your senses as well as in brian just like wasabi but here it was smooth, delicious and creamy. The fish was soft and juicy easy to chunk it down for a bite size pieces every bite of this dish tells me that even a strong mustard flavor can be diluted by the artist if he knows the technique to do that moreover not only the main dish was par excellence but also the mint pesto sauce which helps to elevate the flavors. Before using the pesto sauce I was quite sceptical because I am not a big fan of pesto sauce it's too over powering the flavors but again learnt that even that has been mild from the intense flavor. The experience I had not only fascinated me but also made me realize that even a strong and sharp flavors can be made to a smooth texture consistency which not only makes the dish delicious but also makes the diner mood more pleasant one. For Indianized molecular gastronomy experience @farzicafe is the best place. #eatingfortheinsta #instafood #eater #forkyeah #foodporn #spoonfeed #dailyfoodfeed #nomnom #instaeats #goodeats #foodieadventures #lovefood #feedfeed #feedyoursoul #foodblogger #foodstagram #instablogger #instagramblogger #finstagram #foodislife #foodblogfeed #eatforthegram #foodstyling #foodphotography #foodkhalifa #foodventurious #creatorshala #indiancuisine #moleculargastronomy #lbbinsider Turn on your notification to @foodkhalifa to know more about his amazing food journey updates.

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