Aditi Goud

3 years ago

Hey there. I don't know about you but I was listening to this song on Spotify, while my eyes closed and all of a sudden I saw glimpses of our moments spent together as if a slow slideshow is projected by my brain over my Retina. All our first and lasts.... *a deep and heavy sigh* //exhaling all my breath out, hoping that if I inhale again I could somehow smell your aura which I dissolved within me, each time we kissed. // I have literally no idea of why I'm writing this, it's maybe because I am so done by talking about you to myself that the writer within me is forcing me to let it all out; or maybe it's because I seriously want to make you stand right infront of me while grabbing my waist with your left hand and pulling me closer, while caressing my cheeks softly with your right hand , saying my name at the end of those three words (our heart still feels heavy within the burden of) and then marking your signature with your lips on my forehead. Whatever is the reason of this letter, I am unable to find the exact words to talk to you because there's so much to tell you in my head. But most importantly, I want you to know that I miss your morning face during our VCs and your sleepy voice on those late night calls. //no doubt you sounded sexy in that voice// I was listening to "Dekha hazaro dafa" when I started writing this. (I hope you remember the day we sang it together, hugging each other when I was sitting on your laps under that open sky with no moon but thousands of stars to witness our moment of love.) I so wish to hug you right now. And as I'm penning this down, even my heart is denying to hold it anymore. //*splash* umm... A tear just flickered down my eyes. No I'm not crying dumbo. I'm just missing you.// -Aditi #creatorshala #blog #blogger #blogging #fashion #photography #earphones #spotify #writer #artist #writing #lifestyle #other #music #art

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