YOUR PERFECT HAIR SERUM 1. Pantene Open Hair Miracle Oil Replacement - This can be used as Oil Replacement, Serum , Conditioner and Heat Protection. It comes in a tube with creamy texture. My experience was very bad with this product. I used it as a serum basically after shower to prevent frizziness of my hair. My I haven't received such outcomes from it. Sometimes for blow drying my hair I used it as heat protection which would make my hair more rough. So I would give a thumbs down. Only good thing it did to my hair was make it smooth that too for 30mins only. Rating - 4/10 2. Streax Hair Serum - This is a serum which is enriched with natural walnut oil known to nourish the hair & enhance it's smoothness, keeping hair shiny & manageable all day. This comes in a pump bottle and has smooth oily texture with a amazing light fragrance. Now, I started using hair serum with this product and I completely loved how it made my hair look shiny and nourish. It also made my hair soft and silky with a light fragrance which was amazing. This was a complete thumbs up for me. Rating - 10/10 3. Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Vitalizing serum for Falling Hair - This is therapeutic product whose main constituents are Kanchnar Stem , Pudina Oil , Kusumbhi Oil, Neem Bark , Pipal Fruit and Mulethi Stem. It helps in stimulating new and healthy hair gowth and leaves the scalp feeling exhilarated, free from dryness and irritation. It comes in a bottle which has running or liquid like consistency. I didn't have a good experience with this particular product from Biotique because of the consistency maybe which made it difficult for application. It has a very good fragrance but didn't make the scalp feel good and my hair never felt soft after it's application. Rating : 2/10 4. Pantene Oil Replacement - This nourishes the hair, reduces hairfall and helps repair damage . It also acts as final touch leaving hair soft and smooth . This was my second favorite serum, I have used all this time. It definitely makes the hair look good and healthy and made it soft smooth and shiny. Rating : 10/10 #honestreviews #hairserum #pantene #biotique #streax #hairgoals #haircareisimportant #creatorshala

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