nandini Das

3 years ago

The definaton of health is not only physically fit.. healthy person means person is healthy whe. He or she is fit physically mentally emotionally and socially. Here we discuss about mental health.. as we all know Rose is known as king of flowers. It have medically various benefits in our daily life. rose and rose water used in the cure of many skin ailments, women health, mensuration cramp, stomach complains, dizziness, heartache, cold and flu etc. one of the most benefit of rose and its product is it helps to cure in depression and anxiety.. now out of 10 8 people have depression and mental stress.. they do many meditation try many herbal products but instead of this they cannot overcome it.. most efficient method to fight against depression is rose tea.. so look this report.. Depression/Anxiety Naturally uplifting, Roses have been found to contain certain plant flavonoids that are exhibit antidepressant properties. According to the “Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health”, a study in Taiwan was conducted to discover if drinking Rose tea on a regular basis could reduce the occurrence and severity of menstrual cramping. The study, which comprised of 130 women, discovered that consuming Rose tea not only reduced cramping during periods but also noted a significant decrease in distress and anxiety. #creatorshala #reducestress #reduceanxiety #curedepression #creator #contencreator #mentalhealth

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