Aditi Goud

3 years ago

With her Rosewood fragrant palms Covering her face, to hide her tears She knelt down beside my bed. Tucking my hoodie, close to her chest She wept for hours and hours From morning till the sun did rest. Even the aroma of my sweat began to fade away Just like I did; from her life. Our memories felt like sharp blades Tearing her entirely open And cutting her into pieces. My portrait that resides in her mind is no longer a means for her comfort And now she just wants to go blind. For if she can't see me around, What's the point of having Those sparkling beautiful eyes that I fall for? She sobbed till her throat choked And cursing me for all the weeds that I smoked. For she couldn't accept the fact that I'm forever gone. Staring at the bare ceiling She screams " I love you beyond the Sun" For only We knew how much we loved the sunshine. I so desperately want to hold her in my arms And wrap her in the coziness of my abyss That she loves to sink in. But only if I could be alive from the dead To say aloud 'I'm still here', just for her To know. I'll carry her Aura within me for as long as I could; Here I lay Burried in the grounds within the casket of rosewood. -Aditi Goud #writer #writing #author #poem #tercet #creatorshala #girl #love #life #death #rosewood #casket #fashion #hoodie #lifestyle #photography #art #artist #blog #blogger #blogging

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