I'm sharing my journey as a young mom to a single mother, read below..? Ok, so I was 19 when I got married and after 4-5 months I found I'm pregnant. I felt good yet worried also how will I manage all the things with this baby because I had continued my studies as well I got disturbed but I couldn't get my self to get rid of this baby even for the sake of my studies and my age. I wanted to be educated only. I just didn't want to stay only a senior secondary pass out so I chose to be a mother who can complete her studies too and take care of her daughter at the same time. Things were getting tough and tough and I started building my self more strong and on her 2nd birthday, I realised that I should raise her alone because there was no one with me for support. My ex-husband and his family also weren't there when I needed them and as a result, I had to to do everything alone whether my studies or chores or my daughter's care there was only me. Everyone was busy in their own lives and I was nowhere! So I decided to take this journey ahead alone for my self-respect and my satisfaction and honestly, I really enjoy being a single mom and I feel no difference till now. I have no regrets and I actually am proud of myself and I believe that one day my daughter will also feel the same❤ . . #lifeofyoungmom #singlemoms #singlemomsstaystrong #momlife #mom #journey #journeyoflife #youngmom #singlemomlife #singlemothers #storyoflife

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