Aditi Goud

3 years ago

Wondering over the whispers Of your name, Poured by the icy winds Into my eardrum. I sushed my pacing heart for a second To cope up with the silence of the dry night. With my tearful eyes, Pulling my coziest blanket over my face, {Well it's still less warm and cozy than your arms} I tried to cover my ears. //It's been more than 9 months, since the day I kissed your lips. "Wasn't this distance enough? "// I screamed at the breeze, "Shut up"! Well, the winds are as stubborn as Me; It kept calling you! Just like the beats of my heart do. //I so wanna hear your voice Right now!// I took my cellphone... '2:37 am' - I could read on my screen. ( Fuck it) //no it's not the emotion of the time. It's the emotion that triggered my memory And shot 'I CAN'T CALL YOU' right on my mind.// *Well, I miss your sleepy voice and that bit of depth in the tone it carries in this hour of time.* The breeze blew again, Right by my cheeks. I brought my palms to my face. 'Walking down the memory lane again!' //Do you remember how Much I love to hold your face in my palms?// Realising that, it's one of those sleepless nights again, I decided to write a letter on your name. "Dear love, It's 2:58am , and just like every night since a few months, here I am writing to you in the middle of this freezing dark hour. Well, My tongue has waited quite enough to tell you How much I love you, that it has become all parched. I was already missing you like hell and all of a sudden the coldness in the air around me, made me crave for your warm arms. The touch of your fingers that I used to Wear over every inch of my skin has now shed off. I couldn't remember that last leap of my soul into your eyes when I looked straight in them at our depar...ture....." I don't know what to write to you honestly. Because there's nothing that you haven't read before or that you are unaware of. //I crumbled the letter and threw it over a pile of my draft writings.// *A heavy sigh* My heart was still thrombing as if it's in a race. I placed my hand over my chest. *Sobbing* I couldn't hold this any longer. I need you to be here. I want you to know how soft tickles can make you laugh sweetly; how handsome you look when you are all messy and... *I paused for a moment.* I stood up. Put on my earphones and decided to decieve The winds. I wiped my tears and played some classic Bollywood music from 70s. "Aanewala pal jaane waala hai....." Played through my tympanic membrane, Causing a vibration straight to my heart. A realisation. With all the dawns that I went to sleep at, and the dusks I watched over in your memories, there's a constant ache of loss. A loss of all those promises that I made to you in the mere hope of having the same promises from your side. A loss of my smiles , that I only shared with you and without you, there's nothing real in it. A loss of the feeling of existence in my own life, without you , I don't feel the same "Alive". A loss of that eternal belief in love.... A loss ....of nothing... But YOU, my love. //I pulled out my earphones. Pushed away the blanket. Letting the breeze pat over all of my body.// The winds were still calling for you. To them I spoke now, "Things against the terms of forever were something I always argued on but I guess, Klaus was right ~ Nothing lasts forever after all. For me, FOREVER IS AN EMPTY PROMISE. A promise we all do to our loved ones, Inspite of knowing it's not true and it can never be kept..... I hope HE feels this "hollowness" too Just like I do." Finally the winds seized. - Aditi Goud #creatorshala #blog #blogging #writer #writing #fiction #art #artist #night #love #forever #tvd #to #photography #blogger #kishorekumar #music #poem #poetry #poet

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