Brand Name Clarido
Category Cosmetics
Product Type Cream

Do you wish to have acne free skin ?? Glowing skin?? Well, this product will definitely help you !! Clarido cream is one of the best known and most effective vitamin and anti-oxidant that can be applied externally. This cream is safe to use and can be applied to all skin types. Presence of Aloe vera softens the skin. Jojooba Oil gives 24 hrs skin hydration effect. So guys what are you waiting this product now..and see the visible changes!! #creatorshala #beauty #skinlove #cosmetics

Streax hair serum

Brand Name Streax
Category Hair
Product Type Serum

This item streax hair serum for women & men Contains:-walnuts oil Instant shine & smoothness Regular use hair serum for dry & wet hairs Gives frizz free ,soft & silky touch hairs??


Product Type HAIR OIL

WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil is a cold-pressed oil made of onion black seed oil, blended with castor, jojoba, almond, olive, and coconut oils. This non-sticky, lightweight, and fast-absorbing hair oil fights hair problems like hair fall, split-ends, thinning, dandruff, graying, and dryness. With regular use, your hair will become silkier, smoother, and stronger. I used it its really great and effective hair oil.


Brand Name JOICO
Category Hair Product
Product Type Hair Straight

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Ayurvedic Beverages for Beauty, Wellness & Body.

Brand Name Auric
Category Health & Wellness
Product Type Ayurvedic Beverages

Discount offer Alert ? "SWIPE" ?? Purchase via link in my bio. . Looking for some health and nutritional drink ? If you are health conscious, concerned about your skin, hair and body weight; then, there is one solution, you can rely upon... It's @DRINKAURIC . They have a wide range of products having ayurvedic ingredients such as coconut water, and Aloe Vera as main and base ingredients. Moreover, they have: 1. Amla, Aloe Vera, Bhringaraj, Brahmi: Good For Hair 2. Gotu kola, Haldi, Aloe Vera: For Healthier Skin 3. Moringa, Amla, Coconut Water: For Immunity 4. Haldi, Beetroot: For Weight Balance 5. Brahmi, Gotu kola For Mind Rejuvenation . I have been drinking their ayurvedic beverages since a week, and I feel more fresh & lightheaded than before.! . If compared to other ayurvedic drinks, its taste is good and give natural feels. There are no added preservatives, and no added sugar. . Go and check out their website. DON'T FORGET TO USE MY DISCOUNT CODE. . Flat 20% off : DOJ 20 while purchasing for yourself.

Teafloor Immune-CV Immunity Booster Tea

Brand Name Teafloor
Category Health & Wellness
Product Type Wellness Tea

IMMUNE-CV: Wellness Tea by @teafloor ? ?? . The most important thing we need to take care of, these days, is our immunity. The IMMUNE-CV Wellness Tea has green tea, amla, tulsi, giloy, cinnamon, ginger, mint, fennel, black pepper, turmeric, ashwagandha and alot more ingredients well known as immunity boosters, as its ingredients. . I've been using this product by Teafloor since 2 weeks. During that period, I caught cold and fever for few days. However, this product helped me to recover my state and now I feel pretty better than before. . Check their products out on their website or their profile. They have really a wide variety of collections of teas, be it daily CTC chai, or wellness, herbs infused grean teas for weight loss, or boosting immunity.. . . @doconjourney x @teafloor