Dot and Key skincare bubble clay mask

Brand Name Dot and Key
Category Product Review
Product Type Skincare/ personal care

Dot & Key Deep Exfoliate + Energizing Bubble Clay Mask with The Goodness of Spearmint & Blue Tansy ...** This was my First product from the Brand •••DOT AND KEY SKINCARE ••• Fell In love with The packaging. There was something unique In it Which made me crave for it ••• It contains 80g of the product in a cute glass jar with a small appliacator .••• The brand claims that : ‘ The clay bubbles up infusing oxygen into the skin cells leaving skin brighter , Radiant and Energised ‘ Pros: # Refreshing fragrance # Easy application # Doesn’t cause irritation to my skin ( patch test to be done for sensitive skin) # Leaves skin smooth and Radiant #Cutest packaging # Made In India ( support Indian Brands ) # Cruelty free # Vegetarian #Recyclable The product is kinda Expensive , It is Priced at Rs895 ( I got it under anniversary sale Which was worth the buy ) ••This was My first experience with the bubble mask And I just Enjoyed the process of Bubbles being formed and that fussing noise ••• Directions to use : Apply it on dry skin all over the face ( avoid eye area) wash it off after 5-10 minutes •• Pat dry your face •• # Will consider for Repurchase: Yes

Lakme Absolute Primer

Brand Name Lakme India
Category Product Review
Product Type Primer & Foundation

Recently I Recieved these two Products from Lakme India Product Details ? ? LAKME Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer ? create a perfect finish & helps makeup lasts longer ? Hides Imperfections and pores with a flawless Matte finish ? Blends Easily To Make Skin Smooth Even toned and Makeup Ready ? Oil - Free Makeup Look - Suitable for Oily skin ? LAKME 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation - Rose Ivory ( shade ) ? feels very soft & Incredibly weightless on skin ? Blends effortlessly on to the skin to give that flawless base with desired coverage for Everyday use ? Provides Matte Finish to the base that Stays through out the Day This Duo Helped me to achieve that Makeup Look and trust me it stayed the whole day .. This Duo Is perfect for everyday Makeup look .. Thank you Lakme India for sending me this Duo.. I’m loving it already ???? #productreview #makeupobsessed #sweartoprimebeforemakeup

Lakmé Insta Liner (Blue)

Brand Name Lakmé
Category Product Review
Product Type Makeup

Liners are bestfriend of our girls since forever. From days when we knew nothing about Makeup, liners have been there since then. I tried my hands on this super pigmented Blue Lakmé Insta liner, and I’m so amazed by the outcome. It’s bold and pigmented and matte. Dries really quickly and it’s super easy to apply. Here’s a picture of me trying graphic eyeliner look today using the Lakmé Insta liner in shade Blue. The colour seems royal and beautiful. And also, comes at a super affordable price ?150 only! Discounts are easily available these days at any social sites.

Taish Review

Brand Name Zee5
Category Movie Review
Product Type Movie

The story isn’t a straight forward one and follows a non-linear route. It starts by showing how our leads are struggling with their personal turmoils, and the flashback explores what led them to reach a certain point of self-destruction. We’ve Pali (Harshvardhan Rane) who is finding hard to see the love of his life Jahaan (Sanjeeda Sheikh) marrying someone else. Divided basically into two parts, the first half of the story follows a very routine ‘gore at the wedding’ template. But, it’s the second half which really matters consisting the meaty portions. The ‘Taish’ of Taish lies in the latter half of the story, making it way different than the expectations it lay down in the first half. Bejoy Nambiar’s story-telling (also written by Kartik R. Iyer, Anjali Nair and Gunjit Chopra) triumphs even the good performances by the show’s leading cast. This is Nambiar’s attempt at putting things, those have worked for him in the past, together in a single show/film. Just when I started thinking that the show is getting in a similar zone as Siddharth Sengupta’s Undekhi, Nambiar not only proves me wrong but also brings out the best of his world. Nambiar gets into the head of Harashvir Oberoi (cinematographer) taking some very bold decisions regarding colouring the film. Impeccable usage of lights, sharp camera angles results in a much more superior product. Ten minutes into the show and I get the song Jaago, fulfilling my life-long wish of listening to a Lifafa track in anything created by Bollywood. The final episode also has Lifafa’s ‘Main Jee Raha Hoon’, and I didn’t ask for more. A couple of other songs click as well and are all situational. Gaurav Godkhindi and Govind Vasantha’s background score scores well in the overall scheme of things. Priyank Prem Kumar’s editing might test the patience of some of you out there, but it’s satisfying by the end of the show. Set in London’s Southall, full marks to the actors for getting as close to English accent as we can. All said and done, Taish is an absorbing trip of its defining emotions such as anger, rage, indignation. Backed by an unequalled story-telling by Bejoy Nambiar, this show/film packs a riveting punch.


Brand Name Amazon Prime Movies
Category Movie Review
Product Type Movie

Looking at the strong and powerful cast, and looking at the cinematic experience of the Bhumi Pednekar’s latest online movie release called Durgamati, it was expected to be super powerful and blockbuster. No longer needed an introduction, the actress's performance could give anyone chills during the video. Supremely powerful performances by her. And actor’s Arshad’s performance was worth applauding throughout the movie. The climax and ending is really interesting and worth watching. Available in Prime, watch today.

Money Heist

Brand Name Netflix Series
Category Web Series Review
Product Type Web series

Money heist or LA CASA DE PAPEL , a spanish web series which gained massive support from the viewers and Ranked one among the top from the entire web series. The success of the web series is not only because of the well executed screenplay but the character sketch , Dialogues and ofcourse the emotions and the suspense it holds . Each and every character in the series are not only just Robbers they portray particular emotions of a human like Love , fear , courage etc. The Proffesor is the character in the series with huge fan following, I admire the way he finds solution for each and every problem they face and the way he executes the plan to throw a heist in Royal Mint. To be frank My favourite character in the series is Berlin , the coolest captain ever, whatever the situation is he will smile at it and that attitude helps him to save the situation . And Ofcourse the female lead Tokyo gave me goosebumps with many scenes in which she exhibits heroism to the core, the way she fire the gun and perform the bike stunts , rough and tough outside and deep inside she is a lady with emotions like every other women.. The webseries which is powerpacked to make itz audience stick on to the couch and wait for the next season with literallly no patience . IMDB Rating : 8.3 /10