Akshita Dayma

Brand Name Prolixr
Category Product Review
Product Type Beauty mask

Prolixr is a recent skincare brand. The unique concept of blending skincare aesthetics with righteous ingredients provides Prolixr with a robust differentiating factor, beyond extending is just a mere concept. Right from inception, the brand has established itself as an innovator in skincare wellness, with its feature of inclusivity. The face mask can be used by both men and women , it has a cooling effect once applied and instantly makes your skin glow and feel fresh. The jar bottle and the little cute brush given along with it is absolutely adorable. I’m totally In love with @prolixr that makes my skin super soft, clear and glowing. ? Go grab it asap. You can use my promo code "AKSHITA10" to avail additional 10% discount. #prolixr #prolixrbeauty #perfectskin #skincare #natural #detox


Brand Name Dot and Key
Category Product Review
Product Type Face cream and eye cream

Thankyou @dotandkey.skincare for sending me this water sleeping mask and eye shadow mask. I love the way it keeps my skin hydrated and super soft. It smells amazing too. Plus the packaging is really cute. It’s a must have if you love your skin and wish to keep it naturally beautiful this winter. You can order this from amazon , nykaa , big basket , 1mg , purplle , myntra or get it from your nearby stores.

Priyanka Jain

Brand Name Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
Category Movie Review
Product Type Movie

A must watch romantic movie is Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. It's a great treat for fun loving, cheerful youth to enjoy an unconditional friendship as well as love and also how they drive their life towards their dream. Ranbir Kapoor (Bunny),Deepika Padukone (Naina),Kalki Koechlin (Aditi) and Aditya Roy Kapoor (Avi) go on a trek.While Bunny Aditi and Avi were best friends,Naina the studious girl. The roles they played are totally different from each other.Bunny wants to travel the world and be free forever.Naina wants to be a Doctor, believes in family. Acting quality is at it's best also the songs are very touching.Also there are some motivational Dialogues.My personal favourite song is 'Kabira'. And last but not the least it has a happy ending,so after watching it fills great in our heart. Also the lead characters of the movie Deepika and Ranbir won IIFA awards (2013) for hottest pair of the year. My all time favorite movie ??

Triples - Tamil web series

Brand Name Hotstar
Category Web Series Review
Product Type Entertainment

Triples is a Tamil mini web series streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. It is a romcom, with funny dialogues written in the style of crazy Mohan. Though it is a series, it is directed like a long movie with 8 episodes only. The plot is about three close friends who want to run a cafe business in a software company premise. One of them, the main hero (Jai) is stuck between his ex-wife and fiancée. The story is entwined between political rowdies, loan sharks, a bit of romance, and a lot of comical dialogues. I liked certain parts of humour in dialogues, the characters, and the colourful direction. I liked Janaki and Madhu characters in the story, they are very funny. What it lacked is more screen time for romance and convincingly showing the struggles faced by the married couple. It’s a fun roller coaster ride with lot of characters and comedy. But nothing logical or romantic. A good timepass watch for a weekend binge.

Tejashree Barkale

Brand Name Mardaani
Category Movie Review
Product Type Movie / Entertainment

Mardaani often a bravo movie, where a lady cop is fighting against injustice and she's smart. She works hard to uncover a Delhi-based child trafficking cartel. The movie focuses on promoting women empowerment and grave issues like child trafficking. It has done a super job in getting the message across. To add to it, Rani’s performance is naturally brilliant and does justice to the role of a tough, honest and no nonsense police officer. For the ones writing it off as predictable it is still gripping and after investing your time watching it, you come out inspired. So yes if a film’s success is measured not just as a box office hit and also by the inspiration it provides, this film is successful in doing that! A must watch, also the second part has so much to grab, this movie is entertaining and also teaches alot.

Four More Shot Please

Brand Name Amazon Prime
Category Web Series Review
Product Type Web Series

Four More Shots Please! is about fashion, style, and friendship. The series is about four young, urban ladies exploring the mind-boggling nexus of relationship, work-life balance, and ambition while creating style patterns & trends. The best part though is that through everything, they have each other’s backs, and they look damn fashionable doing everything! Four More Shots Please features a group of four ambitious, rebellious, witty and fresh women. The second season not only shows their character maturing but also taking a trip to the lovely city of Turkey. So, if you miss that, see this show and enjoy the best of fashion, the best of travelling, and most importantly, the best of friends. These girls are independent and inspiring, but their friendship takes your heart. “Don’t Be Perfect. Be Amazing.” Four more shot, Please! #fourmoreshotsplease #sayanigupta #banij #maanvigagroo #kirtikulhari #amazonprimevideoin #fashionblogger #ootd #naveenasapra #tophatlifestyle #blogonfashion #jaipurblogger