Akshita Dayma

Brand Name DYNASTY
Category Web Series Review
Product Type Netflix series

Dynasty follows the extravagance of the wealthy Carrington family as that wealth builds them up only to tear them down. Elizabeth Gillies plays Fallon Carrington, the ambitious daughter of energy magnate Blake Carrington (Grant Show) and flaky social climber Alexis (Elaine Hendrix). From internal clashes to bitter tugs-of-war with their enemies, there’s always some sort of showdown going down at the manor. I’m totally in love with this plot and how powerful Fallon Carrington appears. It’s very inspiring and shows the talent women hold in terms of business and a lot other phases of life . It’s inspiring , refreshing , feministic , powerful and an energetic show to watch. I feel it’s extremely underrated. It has three seasons in all and each show has a twist of its own which makes you stick to the screen in suspicion.

Durgamati- The Myth

Brand Name Amazon Prime Video
Category Movie Review
Product Type Durgamati - The Myth

Genre- Horror & Suspense Released - 2020 Starred- Bhumi Pednekar, Arshad Warsi Available - Amazon Prime Video Duration- 155 min A horror flick with full of suspense and thriller. I must say It's a highly recommended from my side. I'm not a horror movies fan in actual. But Arshad Warsi in serious acts are always amazing. Acting of all the actors are amazing. Story got some serious twist after 2 hours (spoiler). It's a story about an IAS Chanchal Chauhan who expose a minister and how Durgamati take part in everything. It's based on the world of politics and crime and how some corrupt ministers fool innocent people. Its a combination of natural and supernatural powers. I just want to say do watch this on Amazon Prime Video. If you love horror or not, just watch it. And after watching, comment down Durgamati is a myth or not ?

Rashika Jain

Brand Name Breathe into the Shadows
Category Web Series Review
Product Type Season 2 @ Amazon Prime

Perfect series for the suspense lovers. Every episode takes you curiosuly to the next episode to find whats next. Abhishek Bacchan perfectly plays a double role which is both mentally and physically hard to fit in. A great thrilling, suspense series with a crucial message in favour of societal issues.

Amazon fire stick

Brand Name Amazon
Category Product Review
Product Type Tech

Good product. But lagging experience. Useless without strong internet connection.

Prabh Kaur

Brand Name Smytten box
Category Product Review
Product Type Sample box

Smytten is brand or app where we get free samples related to skincare,haircare,food,bodycare etc . You can order 6 products at 1 time . Full size or small its upto you m once you login into the app with your details you got your 6 free samples automatic into your cart and you can order products of your choice . Here i order products from vlcc,bonjour paris,plum etc and also i got 1 free pouch as well which you can use as makeup or skincare pouch and i got them in very good packing and delivery is also very quick . This is best for those who want to try any product but not sure if its suitble to you or not . You can order samples and try them and after result you can order full size products . This will save your money and protect your skin too . Secodnly this box is very reasonble you have to pay 199 rs delivery charge only and you will get 169 rs cashback into wallet or you can convert them into more 6 trial points means 6 more samples and order more samples . there are many brand's products and you can order as per choice . Im really very happy with their service and these samples.

Priya Dixit

Category Web Series Review
Product Type Web series

This show has created the best depiction of Rajasthan ever put to screen and I was literally floored by the beauty of it. This is something you have never experienced before and it will definitely blow your minds away for sure. I never felt so much love and care for Indian classical music ever (was least interested in it to be frank) and the power it has ower you just mesmerises you with it's powerful Music team of the legendary Shankar- Ehsaan-Loy. They just created something that you might wanna change your perspective about Indian classical music. I never had this feeling since I saw Rockstar, it has the same feel of music wrapping you under it's spell, simply put I was spellbound and astonished to see something so pure and heart pounding. What Mr. A R Rahman did for Rockstar, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have achieved a similar feet in music department and should be applauded as much as possible. The production design on this show is also something to be admired. It really looks like a high quality Cinema and and should be appreciated. Now to the performances, the leads Ritwik Bhowmik and Shreya Chaudhary have done a tremendous job given it is their debutant performance but who cares (award to Ananya pandey ko hi milna hai ?) well thrre you have it, that was my pun for Nepotism. Especially Ritwik who did a splendid job pulling off the young prodigy of the Rathore Gharana and the way he acted it out simply gave me chills (same feeling I had for Ranbir Kapoor when I saw Rockstar) even though I know the fact that he is just lip syncing everything but it is so visceral that it gets under your skin and stimulate your senses. Well best lines are definitely given to Kunaal Roy Kapoor and his loafer friend Rahul Kumar who are just hilarious. Naseeruddin Shah as Pandit Radhey Mohan Rathore is just amazing and his stellar performance ? doesn't go unnoticed ( He doesn't say much in the entire show but rather acts with his Gestures which is simply genius). Atul Kulkarni also did a decent job along with Sheeba Chaddha who is so expressive with her eyes that she didn't have to say much either ?. Overall I really fell for Music again and my respect for Indian classical music just went up a notch (never felt that before). This show is going to be so influencial that it will definitely arouse interest of everyone in Indian classical music.