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How to deal with dry skin

I feel curd and turmeric would help out what say guys?

How do you keep yourself motivated to click pictures for your blog and instagram?

Honestly, I'm a big time procrastinator. I used to like clicking pictures when I started instagram. But these days I get really lazy. Give me some motivation.

What are your views on periods?

Do you cringe hearing the word "periods"? Or you imagine a piece of cloth covered with blood? Or you just automatically connect it with feminism? Share your views.


Share your views on current fashion trends.

Current fashion trends are so different than what it was 3 years back. The fashion world is changing and altering tremendously. What are your views on this?

Are you a karma believer?

I was a firm believer of karma I used to believe what goes around comes around but when it comes around it is too late. From my observation for the past twenty-one years, people wear faces for the faces they ever meet. You never know who that person actually is, or I should say we never care who that person actually is. What we care is how we can achieve our own purpose from that person even if we have to cheat that person, even if we have to hurt that person. Do we really care about the feelings of other people? Let's leave the feelings, do we really care about the so-called karma and the same can reciprocate to us. We are called humans because we have been provided with the ability to distinguish things. We have been provided with intellectual intelligence(IQ), emotional intelligence(EQ)and spiritual intelligence(SQ). SQ replaces ego with soul but I guess we ourselves have intermixed soul with ego. We are so engrossed in ourselves which has resulted in more old age homes. Old age homes. Wow. We are not even worried for the two people who made us, sacrificed everything for us. Old age homes reflect the sorry statistics. In India, Kerala is the state which has literacy rate of 90.90% , stands first among other Indian states and it also stands first in the number of old age homes in India. We are not able to shelter those who sheltered us. You know why I do not believe in karma because parents who whole-heartedly sacrifice there present for there child's future and end up in old age homes, whereas those stupid children are enjoying there lives. People say karma is the sweetest revenge. Really? I doubt it. I really doubt it. #creatorshala #blogger #influencer #timeforachange

I want to delete posts from my brand work section

There is no option to delete please help me

Thank you :)

Thank you for your love and likings to my recent post. To know more about me and my lifestyle do support and follow me on Instagram ..?? Instagram: @livingwithsilvie

What do you think about K -Dramas??

I feel k-dramas are the best thing happened to me in corona period. My first drama was descendent of sun after then I never looked back.. I love k-drama more than anything

Ainvayi..Open up about anything

Let's discuss about anything.. Pour ur heart out.. people say it z easy to open up to strangers as they don't judge..

Plss can anyone subscribe to my youtube channel ---

Plss subscribe

Plss can anyone subscribe to my youtube channel ---

Plss subscribe

Is it necessary to always have opinion about others thinking?

I don't know how should I start about it or what people actually think about this... Being a human everyone has tendency to express our feeling or sometimes just throwing own "Opinion" Over other, which is not actually right... And no one really likes the unnecessary opinion given by the people... But at the same time it doesn't mean you shouldn't give your opinion.. Of someone is going on wrong track then encourage him/her to not to do such things... At that time you can give your opinion in good term... May be it can heal their pain.. Give your opinion in positive way so it won't affect on the front people... ?

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Jo ap bahar se dikhna chahte h vo and andar se bniye

Log dikhava bhut krte h ajkal dusre ki nakal krne aur jhuthi tareef pane ke lalach me Anna hi nuksan kar baithte hain. Aur phir unki family ko pareshani hoti h.

Drug Consumption Leads to Depression?

Guys nowadays you might have noticed that many youngsters of this generation have been consuming drugs... THEY start doing this just to be in the society or maybe just to try it or maybe just under peer pressure, who knows but they do consume... On consuming these toxic substances they undergo alot of mental changes like anger, anxiety if the 'STUFF' is not provided etc etc.... So, what are your views on this comment down below and let's help these people understand that how dangerous this 'STUFF' can be even if you just try it once because later on it becomes your habit as it consumes you, your mind and your body according to me... Let's see what you guys have to say about this......


Social media

What do you think is social media is everything now-a-days for you all ..or you guys actually doing something productive and what is that ? Cause i am bored and really want to do something productive apart from having mobile in hand all the time

SSR Case-Drugs Angle: Sara Ali Khan, Rakul Preet Not Named, NCB Confirms no Celebrity Involvement so Far

Several reports suggested that actor Rhea Chakraborty, who’s currently under judicial custody for her alleged drug links in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, has given the names of various Bollywood celebrities who are involved in the anti-narcotics activities. However, seems like there’s nothing true to these reports. Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput's Driver's Statement to CBI: Never Saw Actor Taking Drugs, Never Met Rhea Chakraborty Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede, who’s leading the team of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Mumbai, said that they have got no information about the names of the celebrities so far. While talking to Mid-Day, Wankhede clarified that the agency is currently focussing on searching for the drug peddlers in the case and no celebrities are under the radar as of now.


Daily routine in quarantine.

I just want to discuss is what we all have done in quarantine like do we have learnt something, do we have created something or just Netflix and chill ? ? Please share your views. ✌️

Xbox Series X, Series S: List of Biggest Games to be Available at Launch on Nov 10

Xbox Series X and Series S gaming consoles finally have launch dates and release prices. In India, the two consoles are slated to launch on November 10, and will cost Rs 49,990 and Rs 34,990 respectively. If you have been eyeing a new gaming console for a while, but still remain undecided on whether you should buy one of the new Xbox consoles, or wait to see the pricing of the Sony PlayStation 5, the next big thing that you may want to look at is the list of major, AAA game titles that are slated to launch on either of the two consoles at the times of launch.


What is life?

The very simple and sweet answer to this is 'life is this moment' , so make it large!!!!