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Best Face Moisturiser Recommendations for Combination - Oily Acne Prone Skin.

A lot of people have asked me about the best moisturisers for Combination to Oily acne prone skin available in the Market. I have a YouTube channel where I discuss about Makeup and Skincare. Do check out my channel - Anushka Sinha. My Top 2 recommendations are :- 1. Ponds Super Light Gel - It's an oil free moisturiser which is enriched with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. 2. Plum's Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer - It will control all the excess oil present on your face.

Change is Required ??

Behavioural Change ? ????ℎ? ??????? ???? ?ℎ?? ????? ??????. ?? ℎ????? ?? ?ℎ? ??????? ??? ?ℎ?? ????? ℎ?? ℎ???? ???ℎ ? ????????? ???? ???? ℎ?? ???ℎ ???. ? ??? ??????. ? ???? ℎ?? ??. ?? ?ℎ????? ??. ? ????????? ????, ?ℎ??? ?? ? ??????? ???? ?ℎ?? . ???? 25 ?????? ???? ???????? ????? ?? ???ℎ ??ℎ?? ???ℎ ?ℎ??? ????? ?????? ????. ?ℎ? ???? ?? ????ℎ?? ?? ? ???????? ??????? ???? ?ℎ?? ?????? ?ℎ? ??????? ?? ?ℎ? ?????. ?ℎ??? ??? 2 ??????????? ??ℎ??????? ?ℎ?? ???? ?? ?? ?????????? ?? ??. ?? ???’? ???? ?????????. ?? ???? ?????????? ??????. ??? ???? ??? ??? ???????? ? ??????? ?ℎ? ?????? ?ℎ? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??????? ?? ??ℎ???????? ?ℎ???? ??????????? ??????????? ?? ?ℎ??? ????????. ?ℎ? ?????? ?ℎ? ??? ??????? ?? ??????? ???????????? ????????? ?????? ?? ?ℎ???? ?ℎ??? ??ℎ??????. ???? ???ℎ ??????. ??? ???? ???ℎ ?????. ?ℎ??ℎ ?? ???ℎ??? ?ℎ? ??'? ????, “??????? ???????? ??? ????????? ?ℎ??? ?? ? ?????. ?? ?ℎ?? ????? ?? ??? ????? ?? ?ℎ???? ??? ????????. ?? ??? ???????? ???? ??? ?????ℎ ??? ??? ???????.” ???????? ?? ??? ??????????. ?? ?? ??? ??????.

Time to say it is Okay...!!

Sometimes all you want to hear is that it is okay. So darling I just want you to know that it is Okay. It is okay that you had a bad day. It is okay that you picked up some old habits. It is okay that you had dark thoughts again. It is okay that you are hurting . It is okay that you made mistake. It is okay. I know it is easy to be hard on yourself. But you have to remember that you are still healing ,be gentle, be kind, breathe, it is okay❤ What sayyyyyyy❤


How does this work?

I want know the whole process

When Such things will stop in INDIA ?

What happened in #Hathras is inhumane and goes beyond cruelty. Hope the culprits of this heinous crime will be brought to justice.Hathras rape victim’s body forcibly taken away for cremation by UP police, alleges family; police deny claim.


How do you conquer your laziness?

I'm struggling really hard to be productive these days. Tell me about you?

What do you think of fake friends ?

I had an bad experience like I trusted a person and just after knowing things it breaks you lots because once she was my bff..what do you think of it guys?


Getting my skin very bad & rough with number kf pimples. Any remedy suggestions?

What fashion means to you?

For me fashion means being comfortable in what you wear. Fashion can be a no make-up look with loosely tied bun t-shirt and simple pyjama with slippers or a one piece off-shoulder red dress with chilliness added to your lips. It depends on how you carry with whatever you wear not by the material you wear. Do share your thoughts.

Something helpful for oily scalp? Any products or remedies that might help?

I have really oily scalp and it irritates me sometimes to wash my hair again and again. Is there some home remedy or some product that helps reduce it? Do comment.

When u get boared?

When I started Thinking about my life.

Is it necessary to think what others think ?

It is not at all necessary you just do what you feel right and not at all care what others think because you come up by yourself not by others . What do guys say?

Did this quarantine made you a better person or a lazier one?

This been a tough time for all of us being a part of this pandemic. But all those of you who survived this, did you come out as a better person or you're still a lazyass?

Does brand really matters to you while shopping?

I'm such a street shopping lover. I don't care if I'm wearing a top from some "Rajesh collections" and not from Zara or H&M. Provided they look trendy and stylish. What about you?

Appreciation of Nature

In our busy schedule how often do we look outside the windows and appreciate our nature? I enjoy each and every moment just looking at the sky and the trees. I just love how it feels just gazing at the sky and looking at the leaves, listening to the birds chirping. And how about enjoying sunsets? Are you a Sunset or Sunrise person ? I enjoy each and every sunset and have filled my gallery with all the sunset pictures. I have spent all my evenings on my terrace appreciating how beautiful the sunsets could be. I have witnessed the most beautiful ones to the most cloudy one. I am such a sucker of nature that I can even get up at 5 am in the morning just to capture the first rays of the sun. What about you? Tell me how you appreciate our Nature?

Advantages of using ice cubes for skin

Use ice cubes regularly to nourish your skin. It acts as a great toner for the skin. It is useful for both dry and oily skin. In addition to this using turmeric with gram flour helps oily skin as well as removes black acne, spots and turmeric helps in brightening of skin. What do you use for your skin?

How to deal with dry skin

I feel curd and turmeric would help out what say guys?

How do you keep yourself motivated to click pictures for your blog and instagram?

Honestly, I'm a big time procrastinator. I used to like clicking pictures when I started instagram. But these days I get really lazy. Give me some motivation.

What are your views on periods?

Do you cringe hearing the word "periods"? Or you imagine a piece of cloth covered with blood? Or you just automatically connect it with feminism? Share your views.


Share your views on current fashion trends.

Current fashion trends are so different than what it was 3 years back. The fashion world is changing and altering tremendously. What are your views on this?