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Why do people speak up only after something happens?

Be it the recent Hathras rape case or SSR case, people speak up about a certain issue only when the wrongdoing has happened. On the other days, people are so occupied within themselves and their self-centered world, they don't actually care about something else. There are many rapes, domestic violence cases that go unnoticed just because it didn't gain much publicity or attention. Why is this happening? Ask Yourself! It's high time these issues shouldn't be discussed occasionally but on daily basis! Spread the word!!! ??

India need quick action RAPE law .

RAPE law in India acts like someone is fighting for a normal cause in my opinion India needs quick law on RAPE cases. RAPE is a sensitive crime humans became senseless , feeling less, emotionless beast, behave unhumanly.

Do Clothes cause rape ?

The way anyone dresses should not be deemed as 'opportunity' to sexually assault them. Ever.

App opening

1.Why the App is not opening in my phone 2. Is I have to daily upload a new content in this app

Why being housewife is not regarded with respect?

People at work so get holidays but what about a housewife she works from morning till night, from Monday to Sunday and what people say what are you doing? I

What do you think of suicide?

I do not think that this a solution to any problem indeed you could share your problems to your parents or to people who you believe . Never take it as a solution .


Fashion is HOW you carry your clothes off. It doesn't matter how expensive your clothes are, or what brand they belong to, you can make yourself look like a million dollars by just feeling comfortable with the colors and clothes that you choose for yourself. You just have to be conscious about your choice, don't be passive and be all like "clothes just need to cover my body" or "OMG this is the latest ensemble that's been trending all over the internet and magazines." I've seen people buy exactly what mannequins wear with the misplaced hope of resembling them, a mannequin never has a real human's proportions so don't be misled! Wear clothes that you're comfortable and confident in, your persona is a very essential part of your daily wardrobe. I've seen women buy six inch heels and walk like new born calves or grab on to their boyfriend's arm just to be able to walk and that to me is extremely unfashionable. Be happy about your choice of clothes and feel happy wearing them! That's the secret to great fashion!

Non-precaution Pandemic!

We all can see 70% of India population cover their nack instead of month and nose. It's kinda funny seeing people walking on the street covering their neck for no reason. Yes, I know wearing mask isn't comfortable specially in summer but we all should follow to avoid this virus from inserting into our body, right! The main issue I feel is unawareness of covid19 and its precaution and carelessness. What do you think?


Using hashtag for each n every thing is that much enough? Or do we need to do something else than this? (On current situation happened with a Girl)


Few days ago i had posted a picture about self love You say you love yourself , bit do you actually do things that you actually love? Do you dressup for yourself? Do you take yourself on dates? Do you gift yourself ? Ask yourself when you say it you actually do it??? Self love is not selfish it is important Treat yourself as much as you could have done to someone else LIve your life to the fullest Make mistakes Gain experiences Nothing can teach you other than oersonal experience , Everyone has their own experience Take risks ,Dont limit yourself Make sky as your limiy, Keep going and moving on is the next word of life. Keep moving and growing from whatever life throws at you. Thankyou - Riyalness


Slut shaming and Body shaming is not cool

I am a beauty blogger . Belonging from a middle class family and growing up in a small town i came across people who unlike me for my not-so-fair skintone,for not having a perfect figure,for not having a perfect jawline. During my school years,I was never "THAT' girl. That girl who walks the room and turn heads. I was more of a corrider girl or you can say a wallflower. But this never hinder me to achieve what i wanted , what i aspired for. I dont want "another me " in some corner of the world suffering the same fate. But in this materialistic world, we have sort of normalized slut shaming and body shaming. Therefore, despite the normalization,one should never degrade oneself or starve oneself just to match the so called requirements of society. We can survive this.I KNOW IT. :)


How to overcome negative thoughts from our day to day life?

Whatever happened to manshi a 19year old girl!!

She was 19years old she just started to love her life live her life but those morons rapist raped her so brutally that she died they did so many injuries to her ...while writing this am shivering and am so much ssr murder case we stand together in building ram mandir we were standing together then why we are not standing together for these rapist....they should be handed to public ... public will give proper punishment... really heartbreaking and we need to stand on this together ....may her family get strength to suffer this pain

How to stay motivated to create new content every day?

Dear creators /viewers/ reviewers, We are all stuck in our spaces due to this pandemic situation and it has become very difficult to stay motivated to create content on daily basis. So I want your mantras to stay motivated so that you and me can pump ourselves up to create more content.

What do you think?

Half of women think that rape victims are to blame for their attack, a study has shown.More than one in ten said that dancing provocatively, flirting or wearing revealing clothing made them partly responsible. This blame culture is deterring victims from reporting the crime, according to the sexual assault clinics that carried out the poll. Alarmingly, they also found that one in three men claimed they didn't think it was rape if they made their partner have sex when they didn't want to.Thirteen per cent of men admitted having sex with a partner who was too drunk to know what was happening. The poll of 1,000 adults found that 54 per cent of women believe rape victims should be held accountable for their attack. Women were more likely than men to blame victims, with those aged between 18 and 24 the most likely to judge. Twenty-four per cent of this age group said wearing a short skirt, accepting a drink or having a conversation with the rapist made victims partly responsible. Nearly a fifth of women thought the victim was at fault if she went back to the attacker's house, while more than a tenth (13 per cent) said someone who had been dancing in a provocative way or flirting should be prepared for the consequences. The Wake Up To Rape report also found that 14 per cent of women believe most rape claims are made up. TOP STORIES SHOWBIZ COVID19 SPORT LIVE TOP STORIES thumbnail 'Furious' Queen fired key employee after row about Prince Charles's 'special pudding' site icon Daily Mirror·8hrs ago See more versions thumbnail Coleen Rooney wants to make a 'last-minute exit' from Rebekah Vardy court case site icon Daily Star·4hrs ago See more versions thumbnail 90210's Shannen Doherty preparing goodbye videos to family amid tragic cancer battle site icon Daily Star·4hrs ago See more versions thumbnail How to watch Boris Johnson’s press conference today: What time it starts, live stream and what to expect from his announcement site icon iNews·2hrs ago See more versions thumbnail Meghan Markle’s Own Vanity Could Be Her Undoing – And It’s Hilarious site icon CCN·2hrs ago See more versions thumbnail Amber Heard 'accuses Johnny Depp of dodging deposition' in $50m defamation case site icon Daily Mirror·2hrs ago See more versions thumbnail Piers Morgan fumes there's 'not a day that Meghan and Harry aren't yapping' site icon Daily Mirror·6hrs ago See more versions Click here to view more Campaigners called for more education in schools about sexual violence. Elizabeth Harrison, manager of the Whitechapel Haven, one of three Havens centres in London that help victims of sexual assault, was one of those who conducted the study. She said: 'Women look at court cases and think she was drunk, she wore a short skirt, I don't do that so it won't happen to me. 'But rape can happen to anyone in any circumstances. 'It's particularly worrying that younger women are more likely to hold people responsible for what happens to them. RELATED ARTICLES Woman who cried rape after sex in public toilet walks free from court 'The 18-24 age group were more likely to say that engaging in conversation in a bar or accepting a drink makes them partially responsible. 'But it is this age group that are more likely to be going out doing that. We need to get the message out in schools that rape is never your fault.' This rape victim's attacker was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison for sexually assaulting at least 10 women This rape victim's attacker was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison for sexually assaulting at least 10 women The poll also revealed that one in five women wouldn't report a rape to the police, with half of these saying they would be too ashamed or embarrassed. A quarter said they would remain silent if they felt they had led the person on. The prospect of having to go to court would deter 42 per cent of women from reporting the offence to police, the poll found. Despite repeated Government promises to bring more sex attackers to justice, Britain has the lowest conviction rate in Europe. Recent figures indicate that only one in 14 rapes reported to the police ends in a conviction. Detective Chief Inspector Mark Yexley, from the Metropolitan Police, said: 'Although the majority of women surveyed said they would contact the police, we understand that not everyone will feel comfortable approaching us in the first instance. 'The Havens offers invaluable help and support for people who may otherwise try to cope with the immediate effects of rape and sexual assault alone.'

Time Management

How are you guys managing your time during this period? Let me tell you my story : When everything used to be normal, I had routines for tasks and goals to get completed. But now when I am spending maximum time at home I have thousand and one task to get completed starting from household tasks to professional career. And I mess it up everytime. Share your story and tips on time management!?


Will fake news kill Social Fiber of India if unchecked?

Fake news in India is a rising problem. The practice of using social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to disseminate false information is ushering in a dangerous trend. Proliferation of user based platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc. and availability of inexpensive internet and Social sites have led to the unprecedented rise in the instances of Fake News among the masses.  A few decades back, when internet usage for news propagation was minimum, the onus of the authenticity of news lied on the media fraternity. Information creation and its distribution was much more expensive and regulated. However, social media sites provided the users with an unregulated platform where, anyone one can create and disseminate information. Barriers to check the authenticity and veracity of the news propagated through social media platforms hardly exist. The fake news are boosted to boost web traffic in order to attract revenue from the advertisements.To polarize people to a particular viewpoint or ideology.To divert people’s attention from some critical issue to a less important issue To incite people based on their religious and emotional sentiments for some vested interest.To defame a particular individual, community or government.When will the safety measures be taken to check the fake news??


Farm Bills: Benefit for the Farmers or for Industries.

The farm Bills being passed in both the Parliament Houses had got major noticed over it. What does the exaclty these bills say? Does this will benefit Farmers or become another reason to increase suicide cases in India? Will it give the freedom to farmer to choose where they want to sell their produce? So let's talk about it. First let's get to know about the Farm Bills, there were three bills which were passed Farmer's Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, Farmers(Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill and Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill. So the main Pro I see in this is: The Agricultural sector will get benefit and get developed. And Also farmer's revenue will increase. It also ensure that farmer can sell the Produce outside the Mandis system and increase intra state trade. And What I see Con is From the farmers point of view, they are worried that the industrialist may decide the prices and they won't be having the decision power, as we all know industry will obviously see their profit. And from common man point of view some of the companies may sell the essential commodities at high price which might lead to inflation later on. So what is your point of view on it?

Why should brand target micro influencers

I’m sure “influencer” is no new term to you, especially if you’re in digital marketing, but the term micro-influencer might be. Micro-influencer marketing is taking off and beginning to be just as if not more successful than celebrity influencer campaigns and advertising. Why is that? Well, people are more willing to trust the opinions of people they know and look up to; those they feel will give an honest opinion, not just rave because they were paid. So, What Exactly is a Micro-influencer? Micro-influencers are individuals that have between 1,000 to 1,000,000 followers/audience members and are considered experts in their respective niche. They could be a food blogger, traveler, a local fashionista, or a fitness guru - just to name a few. These smaller, more focused niche experts connect on a deeper level with their audiences and generate greater engagement In fact, influencers with 1,000 followers generated 85% higher engagement than those having 100,000 followers, and as the number of followers increases the engagement tends to decrease. Staying within that 1,000 to 100,000 followers proves to be the sweet spot. It just makes sense -- a smaller audience means much more hands-on, personal interaction and we all know that’s marketing gold these days. Leveraging micro-influencers who are followed by your target audience not only puts your service or product in front of the right people but slaps on a glossy coating of social proof. Higher Engagement Rates As we mentioned, engagement with users from micro-influencers is a huge benefit to working with them.

Girls who wear makeup are not beautiful and fake?

The answer is no wearing makeup gives confident to once who love the makeup most.wearing makeup is not at all fake it makes women beautiful and not fake. Girls are not hiding their scars they wearing because they feel good and beautiful and everyone have right how they want to be I think wearing makeup is most beautiful thing it makes women look attractive.