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What's your all time quotation?

Mine is - Everything will make sense one day.


Not only physical... But the rape which happened by stalking girl from her nail to hair who will speak about them? What a girl go through, when she walk from the mock of "that" kind of people.. How she feels, no one will ever understand that feeling... Instead of ignoring these things why we can't have open discussion on each and every thing that actually puts big impact on our life whether a girl or a boy...

Beauty Tips

Let's discuss some beauty tips- I will start with one- 1.Exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week to remove layer of dead skin to have a healthy glowing skin. You can do so by using walnut paste in yogurt. What's your beauty tip?? Let's add them all.

You should do what makes you happy

I feel you must do things what makes you happy not for others must stand onto your won leg and be proud of what you are

What do you all do in your free time..??

It's a very basic question but why not know each other a little more..!!?

what will be the name of your Auto-Biography, if you want to write?

If I will ever write my mine, the name of the book will be Fortress of Solitude.

What do you understand by IKIGAI?

Since I have read the book, I want to know the views of people who have not read it.

Do you appreciate others hardwork?

I do appreciate because with so much difficulty a person comes up in life and we must get inspired instead of feeling jealous.When we appreciate others hardwork work we get that enthusiasm .

dekho bhai mai ek COMPANY start kar rha hu TSL ENTERTAINMENTS i need video editors , good looking models , singers actors contact karo meri BIO me jo information hai us par

heyy. i m gonna start my own ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY so i need content writers ,voice over artists, good looking models , videographers , actors , influencers

In what do you find your happiness?

I find my happiness in- reading and writing. my parents. silent places in the hills. And lastly I find happiness when I see the confidence in my eyes to achieve what I want.

What's beauty for you..

I morely believe that beauty is not about looking beautiful outside , it's about being beautiful by nature & by heart, have faith in yourself, do share love & happiness with others, be helpful towards others, Beauty is all about Loving towards others, help needy ones & be for everyone who love & care about you.

What is your opinion on toxic relationship?

If he or she feels that they are feeling insecure and toxic with their partner and is just letting it go is not safe if you feel like that you should try to back off .

Mental Health and Lockdown

We need to talk more about mental health issues. Due to lockdown many people have lost their jobs, their dear ones. This situation has caused distress in many people's life. People are suffering from high levels of anxiety and depression in lockdown. As people can't accept mental health as a normal issue they make fun of others and even taunt them for their mental state... Because of which people keep suffering and take big steps. There is need to normalise mental health issues in our society. People need to understand just like physical health mental health issue is also something which everyone goes through.

Covid 19

When will the outbreak end and life get back to normal?

Are you a book person or a movie person

I personally don't have that much patience to read 400-500 pages when I can know all about those pages in just 2 hours. What about you?

What are your views on reality shows?

New season of bigg boss is gonna start very soon. Do you watch bigg boss or any other reality show? What's your views on reality shows in general?

How to have patience for your dreams to come true?

It gets pretty difficult to wait for your dreams to come true when you hit 20 years of age. How do you deal with it?

Student life

How you know colleges demand for fees at times of covid

I want to about influencer growth

Growth on every platform..... views on it

Mental Health and the Stigma

People struggling with their mental health may be your family member, friend, teach your children, fellow worker. However, only half of those affected receive treatment, often because of the stigma attached to mental health. Many people with serious mental illness are challenged doubly. On one hand, they struggle with the symptoms that result from the disease. On the other, they are challenged by the stereotypes and preconception that result from misconceptions about mental illness. As a result of both, people with mental illness are robbed of the opportunities like : good jobs, safe housing, satisfactory health care. The fact that most people have knowledge of a set of stereotypes does not imply that they agree with them .