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Its important to wear makeup while shooting for every content creator ? Or you can be Real in front of camer as well with your imperfect skin? What are your thoughts about this ?

Why makeup is always so important while creating content . Most of people think that you cant create content if you are not very beautiful or having makeup . People think you cant come in front of camera with your imperfect skin or without makeup . But i dont think so . Makeup is not bad and im not against makeup but i dont like this when people said "jaha jo dikhta wo bikta hai " but its all about intrest if you dont like makeup or dont wear makeup while creating content that doesnt mean your are not beautiful or you cant get success like other creators . I think reality is something which we all should focus on. Real face is everything and if you show your real side to the world then this is not bad thing this means you accept yourself the way you are and love your self. And this convey great message to people who follows you that we all our beautiful in our way . What are your thoughts about this ?

It's necessary for blogger / creators to wear fancy clothes/ branded things to own ? What you think?

I fill like if we are influences the people over here we don't need fancy things and Branded things to show important is that how we interact with people true or true?

Blogging is a real career

Many people are stunned when they get to know that bloggers or content creators earn via blogging and it’s their “real” career. I feel people should be more supportive and encouraging towards this career and start accepting that people do earn a living out of this. Content creation is a hectic task when you are the director, producer , creator, editor all by yourself. If teenagers or anyone for that matter is fascinated towards it then definitely parents should be more understanding. People sometimes call this cringe or might just leave negative comments but they don’t really know what goes behind all of this.

Instagram Reach

Since most of us are creators/bloggers/influencers here; I genuinely want to know how many of you have actually seen the drastic reduce in your reach or likes or views in your Instagram? Do you think instagram is decreasing reach day by day or it’s just myth?

Fashionable or comfortable?

What will you choose: to be fashionable and trendy or to be comfortable?

Pizza? Would you love Self-Cooking or ready to order Online?

What sounds the best to you on a low key weekend- Cooking yourselves a pizza (or any other of your favourite) at home or orderimg it online?


Who is the best vastu consultant in India?

Over come the struggle to find the Success.

Challenges are Stumbling Blocks. It's just a matter of how you VIEW them? Turn your Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones. You will find a new path to SUCCESS. By, Keshava Raya #motivation #quotes #possitivevibes #happiness #successquotes #thinkpositive #cheerful

How important is your mental health when it comes dealing with your bad finances?

Lets talk about mental health- because that is important too !! What ways would you suggest someone to maintain a peaceful mental health while he/she is struggling with bad finances, specially during situations like Covid-19?


How to work with brand

winter Diet !!

which is the best diet for winters to detox body ?

Foundation for dry skin?

Hey there. As a dry skin person its always hard to choose the right dewy foundation especially in winter time. What do my dry skin ladies use ? What do you prefer? A matte base foundation or dewy foundation? What brand is your favourite ?

fashion or comfort?

hey what you all prefer in winter fashion or comfort?

Best Winter recipe

Which Indian recipe you like mostly to be cooked in winter season?

what was the tough today?

i want to ask you the incidence that happened with you in a day.

what was the tough today?

i want to ask you the incidence that happened with in a day.

Lockdown stress

how you all.are handling this lockdown stress at home


When you feel stressed or not so ok, do you find peace by eating your favourite snack? What do you do when you feel stressed? Lets talk.?


Where would you go to find some peaceful time for yourself? The beach or near waterfalls or poolside? Lets talk.


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