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To Fashion, Does it Matter?

where we can discuss, do we really need to follow fashion rules set by the so-called society to look good? You are curvy, don't wear big prints, don't wear verticle lines. You are thin, don't wear this or that? black doesn't go with navy blue, this is meant with that, that isn't good with that. I think if you are confident about what you are wearing and that suits your body type well, sits on right places, you are good to go! Cheers! Harleen

Instagram algorithm

When I first got to know about the Instagram algorithm I was kind of chilled, thought if my content is good nothing can stop me. I didn't care much. Asked my friends to save my post, that's it. As days passed by I noticed the decrease in reach of my posts, it was down terribly. From 25k+ to 2k - 3k. This was so disturbing, I started getting depressed and anxiety ruled over me. I felt discouraged as my post were not getting much reach and I thought about discontinuing my account and spoke about the same to my friends and my sister as she is the only one who supports me in this content creation job. I didn't post for few days, ignored every dms that asked for what's happening. But then one of my friend scolded me so much that I got determined and started shooting early in the morning as I couldn't give up so fast. I took the new update in a positive manner and started making reels more often, not every reels go well but I try my best. Engagement is not high always, sometimes it's less and sometime it's good. But I feel it's okay cause giving up is not okay. These numbers are just numbers and don't let them play with your mind. If you want to achieve something focus on it and remember no one can stop you from achieving your goals if you are determined to get them. My father once said follow 3 D's- Discipline, Determination, Dedication. And I abide by that. I would love to know your views on how you guys have taken the new instagram update? Do let me know, fam?

Movie Review - Shakuntala Devi

Shankuntala Devi’ not only explores the mathematician’s fascinating relationship with numbers but her relationships beyond it also – especially her life as a mother and a lady . If Shankuntala Devi’s intriguing journey which started off as a three-year-old solving difficult math problems and doing her own shows across schools wasn't remarkable enough – her fearless and independent spirit as a girl within the 1950’s, who lived by her own rules adds to her dazzling persona. One which she fiercely protects through every stage of her life.‘Why should I be normal, once I are often amazing?’ Shakuntala Devi (Vidya Balan) asks her daughter Anupama (Sanya Malhotra), when during a skirmish the later questions why she can’t be a ‘normal’ mother.

Social Life v/s Real Life - An Insight to Insta life

I have seen youngsters / teenagers comparing their life with the insta life of their favourite blogger or anyone from their peer group and falling into depression feeling that their life is not worth theirs. Even I had personal experience of people commenting on my insta feed or stories as If I’m leading a dreamy life , when literally I’m destroyed or having those bad times of my life . People actually believe bindly what they see on instagram especially teenagers. I feel like insta life is the world of perfectionism be it the skin texture , complexion , achievement or even the food we eat. We exhibit only the better face of everything no matter what the Reality is ..!! Only few influencers will reveal the hardships and failures in their life .. Don’t you feel its high time for us to realise that there is no shortcut for success and happiness..!! Happiness lie in our perspective of how we approach our life.. As the proverb says ‘life is not a bed of roses’ but definitely we can make this world a better place . Be happy and grateful to all the blessings we have and letz try for a better tomorrow..!!!


Curvy can be Lovely- No Fashion criteria can stop you.

Beauty is not a size. You can be a size or you can be a size 24 and be curvy. You can never be too perfect, too thin, too curvy. You should accept yourself as you are. In “Curvy,” they are superhappy with their sizes. We should help them dress fashionably. We say: It’s pointless for you to buy leggings, take this because this will look good on you. We help them choose. We don’t talk about diets because they don’t want to be on a diet, but it’s not a ghetto. Why should these women slim down? Many of the women who have a few extra kilos are especially beautiful and also more feminine. I represent more the healthy, happy, curvy, strong woman. And that sounds much healthier. I'm very confident and happy with my body.


Dealing with creator's block

Aren’t there some days when you feel completely blocked out? Those days when you want to create but can’t think of anything? Some ways to overcome Creators’s block are: Tap into your subconscious. Get it down on paper. Don't be scared to walk away and use a break. Complete what you've started. Set some fun in your work. Don't retread your actions. Look in unlikely places. Expect the unexpected. Examine other artistic methods. Expand your mind. Go against the flow. Seize some 'you time.' Widen your horizons. Push the boundaries. Get a new perspective. Sleep on it when you can. Let me know how do you guys deal with creators block!


What are the biggest trends changing lifestyle blogging?

It's no doubt that lifestyle blogging holds greater popularity on the internet, although there are a few of these lifestyle blogs that are trending. They include; Fashion styles | Healthy tips | Luxury life | Food and cookery | Beauty | Make-ups and makeovers | Fitness etc… Of all, the biggest trend changing love blogging.


Instagram's changing algorithm creates a problem for each and every blogger. What are some tips by which we can boost our reach?

Computerized advertisers believe that the explanation behind this reduction are promotions and that they're pushing individuals away. Influencers have likewise experienced diminished come to, the details appeared, where style influencer's commitment rate went from 4.3% (February) to 2.4% (June).

Is the new Instagram update discouraging us?

well to be honest when I got to know about the new update, I felt a bit discouraged as my post were not getting much reach and I thought about discontinuing my account and I decided to speak too my mom about the update and delete my account she told me life is not easy there are gonna many up and down. You can't give up so fast. And I took the new update in a positive manner and now I am happy with the engagement I am getting, sometimes it's less and sometime it's more. But it's okay! Don't let these numbers play with your mind. If you want to achieve something Focus on it and remember noone can stop you from achieving your goals. I would love to know your opinion on how you guys have taken the new instagram update


What actually is a relationship? Is it just having a boyfriend? I dont think so. Relationship can be with anyone. Friends, family, siblings etc. It is very important to have a relationship so that you get the support from all over whateever we are doing.

Is Psychology session is necessary?

Sometimes we are very stressed because of many reasons and then we can't find anyone to share what is going in our mind, if we do they don't understand. There are very low chances to expect others to understand. So psychology session is necessary so that a trained Psychiatrist can understand and give their opinions according to the person ?


How to improve my content creation?

What’s the best blogging platform?

Many blogging platforms exist. Choosing one can be confusing. With a little guidance, however, you’ll find that each blogging platform offers something to appeal to different users. While no blogging platform is right for everyone, you can arrive at the platform that is best for you by breaking down your decision. Consider how customized you need your site to be, the kind of content you intend to produce, and the size of your budget.

What is more preferable to you? Quality of the content or Quantity in the content?

I have seen this and was thinking what people really intake when they go throughout someone’s work. Is it the quality of the content that makes it go viral or is it the quantity put into a content that makes it go viral? Which one do you prefer? People mostly struggle for both but which one is more likely to get selected? Let me know your opinion.

Instagram Algorithm

So as per the new algorithm Saves play an important role You need to work hard now. I could see drastic fall in reach Despite of good content I am not getting good number of followers or Engagemnet. So to one who is reading this I will suggest that Concentrate more on studies but yes stay dedicated to your social networks You will definitely win one day❤️

A Creator should be treated on the basis of the quality of the content and not quantity of no of followers, What do you think ?

In this era of internet everyone out there is a Creator, Whether it be a working professional, student or a housewife, and making awesome content. Is it compulsory to put 10k plus criteria to be an Influencer? I have seen many people with 2k 3k followers but with strong influence on audience. I think it's the time where we have to treat a Creator as Artist and not to judge them on the basis of followers.

How to Improve Your Content Writing Skills?

One way to make your writing clearer is to limit the use of long sentences. The easiest way to do this is to divide a long sentence into two or more shorter sentences. Using shorter sentences does not mean that all sentences should be short. This would create a style and where the art of writing comes into play. You must judge how to weave short sentences with longer ones, as well as how to use sentence variety. Also don't over explain everything. If you've taken the time to organize your thoughts in advance, you should be able to keep things simple. What are your thoughts or opinion about this? Share your opinion..... Thank you ?

Its important to wear makeup while shooting for every content creator ? Or you can be Real in front of camer as well with your imperfect skin? What are your thoughts about this ?

Why makeup is always so important while creating content . Most of people think that you cant create content if you are not very beautiful or having makeup . People think you cant come in front of camera with your imperfect skin or without makeup . But i dont think so . Makeup is not bad and im not against makeup but i dont like this when people said "jaha jo dikhta wo bikta hai " but its all about intrest if you dont like makeup or dont wear makeup while creating content that doesnt mean your are not beautiful or you cant get success like other creators . I think reality is something which we all should focus on. Real face is everything and if you show your real side to the world then this is not bad thing this means you accept yourself the way you are and love your self. And this convey great message to people who follows you that we all our beautiful in our way . What are your thoughts about this ?

It's necessary for blogger / creators to wear fancy clothes/ branded things to own ? What you think?

I fill like if we are influences the people over here we don't need fancy things and Branded things to show important is that how we interact with people true or true?

Blogging is a real career

Many people are stunned when they get to know that bloggers or content creators earn via blogging and it’s their “real” career. I feel people should be more supportive and encouraging towards this career and start accepting that people do earn a living out of this. Content creation is a hectic task when you are the director, producer , creator, editor all by yourself. If teenagers or anyone for that matter is fascinated towards it then definitely parents should be more understanding. People sometimes call this cringe or might just leave negative comments but they don’t really know what goes behind all of this.