?The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin.@thetribeconcepts is my absolute go to facial oil. i am using their products since last 2 months and facial is one of them.. This ayurvedic recipe can be used as an overnight oil. 3drops are sufficient to provide enough glow... steps - * This oil is beneficial for all skin types but its strictly advised for people having oily skin to use it in minute quantity so that it doesn't make the skin greasy. ? clean your face properly using the daily brightening cleanser and take a few drops of in the hands... ? Apply it all over your face,neck and affected parts . ? Massage it evenly all over in circular upward strokes for 5 to 10 minutes. AND IT IS AN INDIAN BRAND?❤️ and we all know all the goodness of nature works very well for skin nutrition ❤️ #GetGlowing #24kKumkumadiThailam #thetribeconcepts #thetribeconceptsskincare #ttc #ttccommunity #vocalforlocal #NaturalAlternatives #JoinTheTribe #BackToRoots

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