Deepika Mondal

4 years ago

This is me, doing something crazy on terrace and feeling lucky for not being caught ?? But the horrible thing about this pic is that I poked my eyes with the stem of the plant. ?? My eye started paining and burning alot, but still I didn't give up ? ... ... ... ... Okay! Let's start with basic styling tips now. 1. Use a thin belt, if u don't have buckle belt. Use belt of dark shade for bright dress, and a bright belt for dark dress. (Especially when, your dress is loose or its plain) 2. Than leaving ur belt loose, u can just create a bow out of it, or just roll it over. Both looks cool. 3. As my theme is spring and summer. I chose a white frock with floral prints, which goes well with both the seasons. 4. I would highly recommend you, vertical stripes if u don't want to look fat and u want to look taller, but u can use horizontal stripes, if u wanna look little fat, incase ur too thin. 5. U can use blacks shoes or heels with any outfit, because it blends with every colors. 6. Girls leave ur hair, if u have short hair like me or waterfall hairstyle would look cool too. But for long hairs, make braids. (*These tips are only for this type of outfits*) ... ... ... ... ... #Karnatakafashionblogger #karnatakastyleblogger #abcdlike11 #bangalorefashionblogger #bangaloreinfluencer #bangaloreinfluencer #11livehappy123 #lifestyleblogger #Karnatakablogger #teenblogger #bangaloreblogger #indianblogger #indianfashionblogger #southeastasianfashionblogger #prettyme17 #southeastasianblogger

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