Nikita Karde

4 years ago

“Are u monkey or bear.”?? “Why don't u make a pony of your body hairs” “U look like a father, cause only father's have hairy legs”??‍♀️ “How can u wear sleeveless dress, don't u find it uncomfortable” . . This lines used to break me everyday. Just bcoz I have more hair, nd honestly it was so disturbing. ? . . May be it was funny for u bt for me it was not ??‍♀️. I used to cry alot over it. I always asked my mumma, “Why I am like this?? Why do I have lot of hair??”? nd she always replied me we - “Cause u are lucky, grls wd hairy body are goddess Lakshmi. ” . . I used to shave my hands whenever I was alone nd literally those poky hands after shaving were much better than the hairy ones cause people found it normal.? . . Seriously!!! ??‍♀️ I don't know y they didn't understand that it was normal nd it is.? . . Nd now those people are like, “Don't u feel pain while waxing??” . “Nahh!!! I am strong nd it's nothing in front of the pain your your words gave me."??. . . . #selfluv#selflove#selfcare#selfmotivation#luvmyself#luvyourself#happyme#nikita#nikitakarde#shareyoustory#mystory#stopbullying#instagram#curlyhairs#bepositive#luvmyhairs

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