Phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai. Ek hazaron mein sari behna hai. Is duniya ki sab pyaari behno ko Raksha Bandhan ki dheron shubh kamnayein ? ? Guava Flavour Sandesh ? Ingredients_ 250 gm_ Paneer/cottage cheese 4 tbsp_ Rice flour 8 tbsp condensed milk 1 tsp Vanilla essence 25 piece_ Alpenliebe juzt jelly guava flavour(make paste) 2 tbsp_ finely chopped White chocolate 8_10 drops_ green colour 8_10 drops_ pink colour 2_3 drops_ brown colour Method_ Put Paneer and rice flour in mixer grinder and make a paste. Put Alpenliebe juzt jelly guava flavour in mixer grinder and make a paste Transfer the prepared paneer dough into the kadhai. Cook on low flame by spreading and mashing well. After one minutes add juzt jelly paste and mix well. Now add condensed milk and vanilla essence and mix well. Cook for 5 minutes or till the curdled milk is cooked well. over cooking, makes paneer crumbly loosing out all moisture. Transfer this mixture on a plate. Divide this mixture in 3 parts, two equal and one little smaller than these two. Now add green and pink colors to equal part doughs and mix well to get desired color. In the third one add brown colour. Now add chopped white chocolate in pink dough, and again mix well, or u roll the pink dough in chopped White chocolate. Your doughs are ready to prepare your sweets. First of all take pink dough portion and roll it to round ball, then take green dough and flatten it with your fingers to make small round poori shape. Now place pink round ball on green one and cover it completely by rolling in between Palm, so that pink ball is completely covered by green dough. Finally you will get a slightly big green ball in your hand. In the same manner make all the guava balls and keep in a plate. Now take brown dough and make tiny round shape to make guavas upper part from which stem is connected. Stick these tiny brown round shape on upper part of the guava sweet. Now keep these in refrigerator for 1 1/2 - 2 hrs then with help of a sharp knife , cut some balls in quarter for garnishing. Your super tempting easy eye treat delight is ready to serve. #happyrakshabandhan #rakshabandhan #rakhi #happyrakhi #sweet #guavaflavoursweets #foodart #foodartist #artofplating #platingskills #homemade #creatorshala #uzmaseasyrecipes

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