Adil Shaikh

9 months ago


Hey All I want to share my opinion about tiktok stars and Instagramers.... Let's have a small discussion about Mr faisal shaik popularly known as mr_faisu_07.A famous face on TikTok, Instagram &all social media platforms.A great person whoes is trying to give a good message through social media.Social media gives everybody a power to share their opinion. Let's have a talk about the popular Face of TikTok Mr faisal shaikh .He was born in 1997 in Bombay.He belongs to a middle class family.He belongs to India.when he was 15 yrs old a musically name app came and then we know that today this app has a name tiktok.He and his started making tiktok videos and they started for only fun.But who knows #Tiktok will give him a platform to become famous. Recently they were knows as team_07.when Mr faisal shaikh was 17yrs old he was a salesman and he fells proud to say that I am a salesman at that time&Now a days Mr faisal shaikh was known as National crush.Girls love Mr faisu for their behavior and he respects people's. He is a good social media influencer.team_07 launch a song named NAZAR NA LAG JAYE .A GREAT MESSAGE SAY NO TO DRUGS.....Mr faisal shaikh launch a deodorant name 2407crush By Mr faisu.He launch many songs like KAALI MERI GAADI WITH AVNEET KAUR&TERE BIN KIVE WITH JANNAT ZUBAIR. Recently 6 months before tiktok I'd of team_07 was blocked due to some inappropriate content post by team _07 .But we know that them came back in sometimes.Now it's for writing..keepsupporting,Love u guys #keeploving#creatorshala@creatorshala#team_07#tiktok#fitness

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