Ankana Pal

3 years ago


#happymothersday ?‍?‍? Call them mom, ma, mumma, aai, amma, ammi or anything- mothers are simply the best. They love you unconditionally, accept you for who you are, cook up special treats just for you, juggling between work and the household without a fray of complaint on their faces. Moms deserve a big tight hug for everything they for us! There are endless reasons why we say moms are the epitome of grace and happiness. They know how to pick you up when you feel down and out, are your first teachers, take care of you when sick and most importantly, you never stop being a child for her. They might carry us in their womb for nine months but they never stop caring for us. Hence, Mother's Day is a holiday which we dedicate for all that they do for us. This year, the day falls on May 10, which is the second sunday of the month. First celebrated by Anna Jarvis, an American social activist, the day came to be celebrated on the second Sunday of every May since 1914. Ever since the day has become a cultural landmark and many special events are also organised to commemorate maternal love. So what better day than Mother's Day to express your heartfelt gratitude and love for your mom? The day is all about spoiling and pampering your mother. Although nothing in the world you do is enough to pay back your mother, making the day just about her can make her feel so special and loved! #foodaddiction #uzmaseasyrecipes #mothersday #mother #mom #missumom #mothers #artofplating #potd #instafood #20likes #coronafreeindia #coronafree #lockdownrecipes #quarantinefood #unitedwestand #flattenthecurve #breakthechain #lockdown2020 #ramadan #ramadan2020 #creatorshala #muslimfoodblogger #foodart #mothersdayart #motherinheaven #mothersdaymessage

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