Why should you seek help? First of all, let me tell you seeking help doesn't mean you are weak it means you're strong enough and smart enough to not put yourself in such a bad situation where you lose yourself. Every single person should put themselves first their mental health first. You should be your first priority. There is no point in being stuck in the same situation for years and years you can do so much happening things, amazing things, adventures etc in your life. Seeking help is often the first step towards moving forward in life. It's common to feel unsure whether you should seek help or handle things on your own. But it's okay to ask for help. You should ask for help because you deserve to be happy. You deserve to live. The longer this timespan, the harder the trauma is to process and recover from. MENTAL ILLNESS is not a CHOICE but RECOVERY is. Let's talk about going to THERAPY the same way we talk about going to the GYM. Mental health is important it is not a sign of weakness. Mental health is something, everyone has it is not shameful. Mental health is worth making time for. It is part of the human being as the brain is the part of the body. Mental health is something we need to look after it is not something you decide to have. Mental health is positive and negative it is not about something to think about only when it feels broken. Mental health is changeable it is not feeling good all the time. Mental health is complex it is not something you can snap out of. Mental health is real. Mental health is not always something negative mental health survivors can do wonders. To all the pretty souls out there much love to you all.? You're beautiful.? You're strong.? Keep Going.? Xoxo.♥️ If you agree just leave a heart.❤️ Tag someone who needs to know this✨ Share with someone who needs to know this? -Darshana Ravindra Surwade #mentalhealth #mentalillness #livelovelaugh #depression #anxiety #selflove #selfcare #healing #seekhelp #happiness #motivation #mentalhealthsupport #content #contentcreator #blogger #mentalhealthblogger #blogging #foryou #viral #recovery #meditation #physocology #therapy #bhfyp

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