We should care about the Earth. It's the only planet that has mangoes...??? 22 July is #nationalmangoday a whole dedicated to one thing – eating mangoes! 5000 years ago, mangoes were first cultivated in India before they spread to Southeast Asia. In the 10th century AD, cultivation of this deliciously sweet and juicy fruit began in East Africa. It is said that the paisley pattern developed in India is based on the shape of the mango. The mango is also the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Phillipines. In Bangladesh, the mango tree is the national tree. Since 1987, an international mango festival is held in New Dehli, India. It includes more than 50 mango growers from across the country. During this festival, there are competitions and quizzes on the many aspects of mangoes, including different uses in cuisine, as well as the many different varieties (more than 550). Mangoes are cultivated in most frost-free tropical climates, with almost half of the world’s mango supply harvested in India. The second largest source is China. Some fun facts about mangoes, include: • 20 million tons of mangoes are grown annually. • They are related to cashews and pistachios. • They provide 100 per cent of your daily vitamin C • A basket of mangoes is a gesture of friendship in India. • Mango trees can grow as tall as 30 metres! • Most of the mangoes sold in the US come from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Guatemala, and Haiti. • There are also mango festivals in other places, including Canada, Jamaica, the Philippines, and the USA. ????????????? Ingredients– For the base :digestive biscuits, marigold or any plain cookies crushed 150 gms butter melted 1/2 cups For the filling : whipping cream 3/4 cups cream cheese 300 gms mango pulp 1/2 cups fresh lemon juice 2 tbsp Gelatin or Agar Agar 5 tbsp water 120 ml For the topping : mango pulp • some mango slices 3-4 tbsp Method– Crush The Biscuits Using A Food Processor Or By Placing Them Into A Ziplock Bag And Smashing Them With A Rolling Pin. Stir The Crumbs With D Melted Butter N Press On The Bottom Of An 8-Inch(20cm) Springform Tin. Set The Base Aside. In A Bowl, Whip The Heavy Cream Until The Result Is Soft Peaks. Beat In The Cream Cheese. Then Add In The Mango Pulp And Fresh Lemon Juice Until Everything Is Smooth. In A Microwave Safe Bowl, Stir Together The Gelatin And Water. Let The Mixture Stand For About 5 Minutes To Bloom And Thicken, Then Dissolve In The Microwave Over 15 Second Increments Or Over A Stovetop Over Low Heat, Stirring Constantly. Gradually Drip In 6 Tablespoons Of The Cheesecake Batter Stirring Continuously. Work Quickly As The Gelatin Will Begin To Set As Soon As It Has Been Melted. Add The Tempered Gelatin To The Rest Of The Cheesecake Batter Stirring Immediately After It Has Been Added. Pour The Filling Into The Springform Pan And Dollop With The Mango Pulp. Using A Toothpick. Swirl The Pulp Into The Cheesecake- But Beware, Over- Swirling Is Actually Over- Mixing And You'll End Up With A Messy Surface Devoid Of A Swirl Pattern. Chill The Cheesecake For A Minimum Of 6 Hours Or Overnight, Until Set. Garnish With Fresh Mango Slices And Mango Pulp And Serve Chilled. #uzmaseasyrecipes #mangoday #mango #mangolove #creatorshala #mangocheesecake #mangorecipes #mumbaistreetfoodlovers #streefood #streetfoodindia #potd #streetfoodlovers #foodie #foodiesofinstagram #shotoneplus #desikhana #delhifood #delhifoodies #foodblogger #foodforsoul #foodmaniacindia #timesnowfoodie #yesindiafood #theuncommonbox #northindianfood #mumbaifood #mumbaistreetfood #foodiesofindia

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